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Lunar Crusader

Lunar Crusader

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The lunar crusader is your own of a kind hero! Helping those in need and being the hero of the night. 

This helmet comes in three pieces to be assembled and put together. Since this is a DIY kit you’ll need to glue, sand, and paint you helmet the way you want to. This product comes in three pieces. 

  • Top 
  • Bottom
  • Back

The back piece comes with holes for magnets so you can slip the helmet on and then attach the back easily. 

Helmets are all printed in the same size. Will fit an average size 6 ft male head. If too big padding can be added. If too small there are ways to widen it with heat but we are not experts and can’t give out advice as to how to make it bigger  

Disclaimers: magnets and LED eyes are not included. The helmet will need to be assembled by YOU as this is a Do It Yourself kit. 

if you have questions don’t hesitate to email us!

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