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Monthly Bath Bomb Mold Subscription Box

Monthly Bath Bomb Mold Subscription Box

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3 unique and exclusive themed molds every month. (Value $60/month)​ Use discount code FIRSTMONTH at checkout to get the first box for only $20! Note: Subscription boxes ship at the beginning of each month. If you order in September you will get October Box, October will get November box, etc. 

Current Month Box - shipping in October

  • Turkey Mold
  • Pie Slice Mold
  • 3 Coffee Mug Mold 

Ever want to take a bath with some absolute relaxation? This is the best way to get the body in a zen state. By using this mold you can create an unlimited amount of Bath Bubble Bombs! Each box is themed and pictures of previous months examples are shown. We announce in our Facebook group the molds for the next month. 

Here is what is included:
  • 3 three-inch/three-piece molds, unique and not sold in our store before. These are exclusive to the box for the first 3 months. Each month, there will be a new themed box. Your first box will get you a free embed maker too! (Without the box this would be a $60 value)
  • 20% lifetime discount on our store for molds. This means if you miss a box or are looking at some of our previous molds this is a great way to add to your collection without breaking the bank.
  • A few extra goodies each month that you can enjoy or use to help you position the bath bombs in the market (who doesn't love freebies?!).

Material: This is made out of PLA, a type of plastic that is used with 3D printers. We print at high quality settings, but for smooth surfaces some light sanding will need to be done. This is all personal preference.

Measurements: Generally we will ship out a 3 inch/3 piece mold, but occasionally just due to the design the mold might be slightly bigger in order to accomodate that. 

Disclaimers: Some molds require sanding after printing to smooth curves or eliminate seams.

Actual bath bombs not included. Mold color will vary.
This is an item that can ONLY be hand washed in cold water. Before using sand and hand wash and then air dry. Between use to clean please wash in cold water and towel dry. Do not put in dishwasher or use hot water to wash, it can warp and ruin the mold. Molds are printed with PLA and do not tolerate high heat or exposure to extended direct sunlight well.

These are made out of PLA. They are made to to be used for bubble bath molds, shampoo bar, shower bomb, shower steamer and sometimes bubble bars only. If you use anything else like resin, soap, or candles you’ll want to use a release to allow it not to get stuck.

Filament used: We use filament from FILAfi filament here in Atlanta, GA. Check them out @

Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok @partonprints and @moldingmolds

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