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Shrink Wrap Opener

Shrink Wrap Opener

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This is a tool that allows your customers (or yourself) to open up your shrink wrap more easily! We offer three different options.

*Option 1 - Plain shrink wrap openers with no text or logo
*Option 2 - Simple text or logo shrink wrap openers (no complex images)
*Option 3 - Complex Logo shrink wrap openers - These logos take a little more time to prepare to make work with the laser. Some images won't be engraved correctly so please message us prior to purchasing.

*** If you have questions, please let us know. Sometimes option 2 is the better choice even if you think your logo is more complex!***

What's a sample pack? It's just a way 

Material: This is made out of clear acrylic. We may offer more acrylic options in the future.

Measurements: The hand held piece of the shrink wrap opener is 1.5" and in total width about 3"

Processing time: All our items are made to order. Typically, our processing time is 1-5 days days for 3D printed items and 1-3 days for laser printed items, but if there is an updated change to this we will let you know. We try to process these as fast as possible and will send you a message when we drop off the items.

Design: This design was printed, packaged and shipped in the US by Parton Prints.

Disclaimers: Some molds require sanding after printing to smooth curves or eliminate seams.
Actual bath bombs not included. Mold color will vary.
This is an item that can ONLY be hand washed in cold water. Before using sand and hand wash and then air dry. Between use to clean please wash in cold water and towel dry. Do not put in dishwasher or use hot water to wash, it can warp and ruin the mold. Molds are printed with PLA and do not tolerate high heat or exposure to extended direct sunlight well.

These are made out of PLA. They are made to to be used for bubble bath molds, shampoo bar, shower bomb, shower steamer and sometimes bubble bars only. If you use anything else like resin, soap, or candles you’ll want to use a release to allow it not to get stuck.

Filament used: We use filament from FILAfi filament here in Atlanta, GA. Check them out @

Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok @partonprints and @moldingmolds

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