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Titan Half Mask

Titan Half Mask

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This is the highly iconic helmet worn by a recently popular character. 

A 3D printed raw cosplay mask in the style of a famous character. This is perfect for those trying to get into cosplay at a low cost. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and unpainted. This allows you to customize the mask to how you want it to be exactly! This does not include any string, straps, or elastic to hold mask up - this can be purchased separately. All masks have plastic mesh in them to be breathable!

This does not come with straps due to variables and preferences of each individual buyer. Elastic can be be bought at Walmart or hobby stores for cheap. We’ve found most people were cutting off the elastic we provided and putting their own due to head size. Also not including this speeds up the processing time to get it to you.

Size chart **Please read measuring below before purchasing**:

Using a ruler, get an estimate of your size of your head. Personally, I have a huge noggin and the large still fits me fine. If you use a measuring tape it will not give you the correct results, you must use a rule straight across. These measurements are approximates and not exacts:

Small (5.2 inches)
Medium (5.8 inches)
Large (6.5 inches)

Current expected processing time is 1-2 weeks but can vary based on level of demand. Please email us if you have any questions. 

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